Our Story

Paul and Angela McCallum

We at A Covered Affair believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

Paul McCallum, General Manager
Our founder and leader is a horrible golfer. Well known for possessing the worst golf swing in the history of golf.... True! But what he lacks in golfing skills he makes up by providing outstanding customer service.... Also, true! Even willing to walk down the aisle with you.... Not true!

Angela McCallum, Co-General Manager/Wife (aka Real Owner) Spender of my money
Is our co-founder and co-leader, a caffeine dependent life form, dedicated to family, friends and Greys Anatomy, Doctor Jackson Avery.

Angela (Real Owner) is here to ensure customer satisfaction is constantly met, second to Doctor Jackson Avery that is. Angela (Real Owner) can be found working hard and confirming your reservations are fixed for action and headed to your venue on time. Currently standing by to tell Paul what to do. Also, true!